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Lingon provides digital certificates on the Blockchain, making it possible to prove both authenticity and ownership of unique assets – to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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    What we do

    As we all know, “value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder”. At Lingon, we asked ourselves how the perception of value affects trust between people in transactions and how we could improve trade by significantly reducing transactional risks and wrongdoings. By providing a platform for issuing and managing digital certificates on the blockchain, Lingon is paving the way for a new era in the protection of valuable assets.

    Securing value Scarcity increases value. Hence, the possibility to verify authenticity can be key to the perception of value of an asset. A Lingon certificate is an immutable and eternal proof of authenticity. The certificate contains highly relevant information about the asset it represents and is digitally signed by a trusted issuer at the time of creation.

    Complete provenance With Lingon certificates, the certificate holder is in full control of their certificates and can also transfer them to a new owner. As every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, a complete and public provenance chain is created.

    Proof of ownership The holder of a Lingon certificate can easily prove ownership of the certificate, and thereby the asset it represents, to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This opens up a whole new dimension for brands, manufacturers, insurance companies, and online markets to create value for buyers, retailers, consumers, and collectors.


    The Lingon platform and technology stack makes it easy for 3rd party e-commerce and business applications to integrate and create unique certificates and register ownership of their assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Business Commerce API

    A RESTful API for efficient integration and management of assets and transactions on the blockchain.

    Object Storage Service

    A distributed object storage for information about editions for off and on-chain business applications.

    Web-based Wallet

    A fast web application that allows to explore and verify the state of transactions recorded on the blockchain.

    SMART Contract Service

    A standards-based smart contract system that records ownership and authenticity on the blockchain.

    Secure Key Management

    A service that provides cryptographic key management capabilities and uses a “secure vault” for safe storage of keys.

    Secure Vault

    A standards-compliant cloud-based hardware security module (HSM) that provides secure storage of cryptographic keys.

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