Limited editions

Traditionally, limited editions have been used to create scarcity and increase value of certain objects, such as art prints and exclusive watches. Lately, limited editions have become increasingly popular also in many other product categories, e.g. fashion, furniture, and cars. A limited edition enhances the brand perception and is an efficient way of driving traffic to stores as well as attracting new target groups.

Lingon certificates are ideal for limited editions. They provide the buyer of an item with all the relevant information about the item, including its unique number in the edition, as well information about the edition itself. The specific characteristics and limitations of an edition are being registered on the blockchain before single items are released. It’s a tamper-proof solution that prevents cheating and wrongdoing where released limitations may otherwise be difficult to control.

Brand protection and end customer relations Counterfeit products is a huge problem costing major brands billions of dollars. With Lingon certificates, end customers can rest assured that they are buying an original product. After the purchase, the ability for the end customer to prove their ownership of a certificate opens up a whole new dimension for the brand to interact with their end customers and offer additional benefits based on certificate ownership.

Prevention of grey market trade and theft Some markets for high value products are characterized by honest customers but dishonest distributors and resellers. In these situations, there is a high risk that customers will buy products in good faith that have been obtained illegally by the distributor or reseller. By requiring a valid certificate to accompany the product, end customers can stem grey market trade and eventually also reduce the problem of theft and illegal imports.

Appraisals Appraisals are used by e.g. auction houses and insurance companies. A qualified expert examines and makes a statement about a product, its origin, and value.

With Lingon certificates, the appraisal document cannot be manipulated and is preserved for eternity, independent of the entity that issued it. In addition, it is possible to certify the identity of the person or entity making the appraisal. One example of the latter could be an independent expert being certified by a major auction house.